Apple users regain control of their personal information

With the release of the new apple software IOS 14.5, Apple users will now be informed when they are being tracked; and most importantly they can refuse other companies’ tracking.

Companies like Facebook are using the Identifier for advertiser (IDFA), a random device identifier assigned by apple, to track and identify an user. IDFA often cooperates with Cookies, which can help app companies attain a large number of personal information when the users are searching on the internet using Apple products. 

However, after Apple released the IOS 14.5, companies like Facebook will no longer be able to track people’s internet footprints without consent. Thus, from now on, Apple users will be asked whether they want to allow X company to track their online activity. Additionally, users may also request an explanation regarding the nature and reason of other people’s tracking requests.

Therefore, theoretically, Apple users hold more control on personal information because they are given the options to enable the track. Nevertheless, nothing ever is as simple as it looks.

Some companies have sued Apple for monopolizing. They consider Apple’s action as a way to expel its advertising competitors instead of wishes to protect people. So that Apple will be the only company that collects all the personal information while no one can restrict it. Facebook has conducted some research on people’s preferences when giving the option to reject tracking. 80% of the participants say they would not allow companies to stalk them even though it might offer them a better user experience. Thus, Apple is of great possibility to be more dominant in the information area as some companies suggest.

Whether Apple will take great benefit from this or not, everyone should have a right to manage their own information rather than be given the rights from conglomerates. 

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