About us

We expose students to dialogue and research in global affairs giving them a chance to establish themselves as future world leaders.

CIAA 2020/21 Executive Committee

Our Mission & Vision

The CityU International Affairs Association (CIAA) has emerged not only from the passion our founding team has for conversations surrounding international affairs and global politics but also from a year of turmoil. Having experienced great political unrest and a global pandemic our academic learning was often strife with timely debates and an effort to recognise the underlying political, social and environmental currents that led to such great disruption within our lives. From this arose a realisation that promoting a better understanding of global affairs not only within our department but beyond is the need of the hour and as such the CIAA aims to perfectly complement the department of Asian and International Studies by not only providing students with a platform to cultivate their potential as future leaders but also by striving to stimulate conversations on current events for raising awareness on important issues.

Our Team

Saleha Noor

Malene Eilertsen
General Secretary

Nikhita Nainwal
Head of Research

Marina Syra Sáenz
Editor in Chief

Wong Tin Ching Caroline
Head of Internal Operations

Molchanova Angelina
Head of External Operations

Narutchot Kiatipiti
Head of Marketing

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