The future of Cryptocurrency

A rollercoaster of events: In the past few months, the cryptocurrency market has been a rollercoaster of events. Bitcoin, after breaching the 60,000 USD mark mid-April and trading at an all time high of nearly 65 thousand, has now fallen to below 40,000 which marks a fall of more than 30% in value in theContinue reading “The future of Cryptocurrency”

Apple users regain control of their personal information

With the release of the new apple software IOS 14.5, Apple users will now be informed when they are being tracked; and most importantly they can refuse other companies’ tracking. Companies like Facebook are using the Identifier for advertiser (IDFA), a random device identifier assigned by apple, to track and identify an user. IDFA oftenContinue reading “Apple users regain control of their personal information”

Will China’s new Strategic Partnership with Iran challenge US’s political hegemony?

The Comprehensive Strategic Partnership: On March 27th 2021 China signed a 400$ billion contract with Iran, further developing their Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. The Partnership will provide Iran with Chinese investments in the energy, banking, telecommunications, infrastructure and technology sectors. Moreover, this will be the start of a new military partnership, composed of joint military training,Continue reading “Will China’s new Strategic Partnership with Iran challenge US’s political hegemony?”

How Is Ever Given’s Suez Canal Shutdown Impacting Global Supply Chains – Experts Weigh In

The behemoth Ever Given supertanker – which held up traffic for more than 150 containers for over six days in the Suez Canal, one of the world’s busiest maritime trade chokepoints – finally broke free on Monday. Efforts to clear the logjam of cargo vessels are now finally underway. But experts fear that disruptions inContinue reading “How Is Ever Given’s Suez Canal Shutdown Impacting Global Supply Chains – Experts Weigh In”

The Philippines’ Education Inequality and Rich-poor Divide is Worsening under Covid-19

As the Philippines grapples with an intense surge in Covid-19 cases, the government must now double down on its efforts to confront a deep-seated issue that has long plagued the developing Southeast Asian nation, and one the pandemic could further aggravate if immediate action is not taken – widespread education and economic inequality.

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