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The day a country was set free

Nelson Rolihlala Mandela was released from Victor-Verster prison on the 11th of February 1990 in what would be one of the most significant days in South African History. With his wife by his side and fist, a symbol of fortitude and resilience raised high, the then 71 year old and “once most…

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Sexual abuse of minors in Catholic Churches: expelling the demons within the system 70 years too late

During the last couple of decades, the world has evolved at a staggering pace. From technological and economic advancements to diplomatic tensions and pandemics, humans have been witnesses of unprecedented events. These circumstances have affected people in different ways. Despite the scope and effect of different affairs, a large proportion of citizens,…

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Holding the line: Maria Ressa’s Nobel prize is a watershed moment in her fight to uphold press freedom in the Philippines

When veteran journalist Maria Ressa became the first Filipino recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize on October 8, the historic moment was immediately greeted with overwhelming joy across the Southeast Asian nation and lauded by many as a ‘rebuke’ to President Rodrigo Duterte’s repeated attacks against members of the press. But even…

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What We Do


Weekly articles will be published along with a weekly broadcast section on our social media pages, in an attempt to provide other CityU students with knowledge of current events around the world, which will cover many fields of study at the university.


The research team will be producing comprehensive research reports revolving around a central theme. Sections in the report will cover various sub-topics within International Studies such as bilateral relations, global economics, human rights, security, and the environment.


We are thriving to reach out to individuals within Hong Kong with notable talent and achievement within the field of International Affairs and invite them to share their experience and knowledge, hoping to enhance the existing learning process of students and career planning for students.



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