Eid 2021: Celebrations Fade Away As Oppression And Coronavirus Cast Ominous Shadows

Muslims around the world celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr, one of their most sacred festivals, this year with masks, prayers, and empathy as widespread oppression and COVID-19 damage cast gloom over festivities, mass gatherings, and celebrations.  For many Covid-hit countries, like Pakistan, Malaysia, India, and Indonesia, Eid was marked by curbs on social distancing, shop shutdowns, and evenContinue reading “Eid 2021: Celebrations Fade Away As Oppression And Coronavirus Cast Ominous Shadows”

India- A Pandemic gone bad or a consistent Political Disaster?

Haridwar, a small town near the Himalayas, is considered by many Hindus to be one of the holiest places in India. The famous Kumbha Mela, which is a Hindu religious festival, was held in this holy city in the year 2021- a year that saw the second wave of coronavirus hit the country. Many healthcareContinue reading “India- A Pandemic gone bad or a consistent Political Disaster?”

Domestic workers take the reigns of cricket:

There are 53 Sundays in a year. But are 53 days enough for us to learn a new sport and master it to a level that you are beating other people who train much more and are way more equipped in terms of resources than us? Well most of us would think it is aContinue reading “Domestic workers take the reigns of cricket:”

CoViD Vaccine: To take or not to take

The vaccination process has already started in Hong Kong and all around the world. During this time, a lot of people have their opinions regarding whether or not to take the vaccine and which company to prioritize. While some of those reasons might be rational, many of them are easily refutable and have been provedContinue reading “CoViD Vaccine: To take or not to take”

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